Finally Fall

My birthday was last Friday on October 21st and it finally started feeling like Fall in Florida! Woohoo! I’ve come to the conclusion that living here, my birthday marks the real First Day of Fall, we just get it about one month later than it’s official calendar start date. The actual first day of Fall was in the upper 90’s which is very un-Fall-like in my book. I like my Falls with extra warm coffee-sipping and boot-wearing thank you very much.

We kept things low-key around here, I mean really what other choice do you have when 2 out of 3 of your kids are home sick and you’re the only one around to take care of them. At least I was able to have a Skype date with my husband. He actually sent me some lovely paintings from Japan (with lots of pink because he knows me well), which I definitely need to get pictures of but I’m still in the process of figuring out exactly which room I want to hang them in. So once I figure that out I’ll be sure to post a picture of them.

There was cupcake baking involved, originally I was going to let Kiera do all of the baking but she happened to be one of the ones home sick so I ended up mixing and baking them myself. However, she was very upset that she wasn’t able to do anything for me on my birthday and I did feel slightly bad for her so after some serious hand washing occurred I let her frost the “baby” cupcakes and put sprinkles on all of the cupcakes – even the big ones! I always make both sizes – normal and mini, because sometimes you just want a little sweet treat and sometimes you need something more substantial.

Now that Fall and the cooler weather have finally started to make their way down here, I am fully embracing the darker colors, warmer scents and pumpkin lattes that just felt out of place when the temps were still in the 90’s. I even changed out the cover of my Erin Condren planner to my favorite Fall cover. I purchased it around Thanksgiving last year and it has a gorgeous plaid interior and is also plaid with gold foil accents on the back cover. Unfortunately it is no longer available since they have to phase out older designs to make room for new designs. They recently came out with some new covers for Fall, which are also pretty, but the colors are more pastels which to me seem better suited for Spring rather than Fall.

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I love the fact that the temperatures have dropped to a much more comfortable level for being outside. My kids have even been voluntarily going outside to play! So obviously that’s a good thing for them (more physical activities!) and a good thing for me (the inside of the house stays quiet!) Usually in the Summer we have our neighborhood pool to go to, but this year they had issues with it and had to close it down a month and a half earlier than usual. So the last month of Summer was especially brutal and we mostly stayed cooped up inside with the air conditioning. I hope we can go on some fun adventures in the coming months now that the weather is more bearable! Fingers crossed for no more hurricanes either!

Is it feeling like Fall where you are?
Do you and your family have anything fun planned for the upcoming season/holidays?

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