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Let’s start with a little bit of a flashback to when my oldest son was in First Grade two years ago: They celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as if they were 100 days old. Luckily I snapped some pictures (in case I would one day in the future need them for a blog post) I’m pretty sure he nailed the whole old man look – gray hair and mustache, spectacles, button-down plaid shirt, some snazzy Dr.Suess suspenders to keep his pants up. The hunched posture… Behold!

You guys, this child of mine, he cracks me up on the daily. His imagination and expressions are priceless – That pose had zero cuing. Now we all have a glimpse into the future at good ol’ Grandpa Jeff.

Which brings us back to today, when now Kiera is in First Grade. We found out a couple weeks ago that they would be celebrating the 50th day of school this year by dressing up 50’s style! They also got to listen to 50’s music and learn some sweet dance moves from back in the day. The most important takeaway from the day though: They learned how to make root beer floats (with three cherries!)

She got to dress up in her little poodle skirt girl outfit with little poodle socks and shiny new saddle shoes. I learned that it is really hard now to put her hair up in a high-ponytail after she went and wanted it all chopped off up to above her shoulders during the end of the last school year. I tried to warn her that her precious pigtails and ponytails that she is so fond of wearing would be harder. She still looked super adorable though!

As for my smallest guy, he’s a big kid Kindergartner this year. They had a Field Trip to the nearby pumpkin patch in school today. He was very proud of the pumpkin he picked out and ‘decorated’.

A lot of times when kids go to pumpkin patches they always want to find the biggest pumpkin they possibly can to bring home, that’s Jeffery. However, Kiera and Christopher have a serious fascination with little pumpkins and always try to find the smallest ones they can. Last year we had to compromise with them because when it came down to it, they wanted to carve them, and it’s challenging enough trying to design and carve a normal sized pumpkin, so they had to go with more medium sized ones. We’ve also learned the hard way that down here in Florida you really have to wait until like the night before Halloween to carve your pumpkins if you want them out for Halloween. We carved them a few days early last year and they completely molded out and had to be tossed in a matter of about two days, it was disgusting!

Thankfully, I have no photographic evidence of that moldy disaster! You’re welcome!

Do your kids have any fun days they get to celebrate at school?
Does your family carve pumpkins? (I hate the mess but my husband loves roasted pumpkin seeds.)

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